Since I was absent so much here , I thought of updating you a bit of my outfits on vacation in France . Since it’s pretty much always raining here in Rennes , I’m always the happiest when I see a ray of sun ! Excuse my  glasses , but I’ve been obsessed with them latelly , don’t even know why . 

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Let’s talk Haute Couture , shall we ?

   I know  , I know , but  it is never too late to talk haute couture , right ? So I’ll tell you my favs and you’ll let me know yours . OK ?! 

   First , Giambattista Valli ?!!? I mean how big is the risk of mixing the prints , the types and the measures ?? Not that big for Valli , I guess  ,cause his fashion show was just a dream . I was kind of a fan of turbans , but after his show I feel so much more in love with them .  I never thought turbans can look so sophisticated .

   Dior made me fall in love again with dropped waists , V necks , and long dresses. All the models looked to me like princesses. Just a few weeks ago I was talking with my cousin about the fact that I want long coats to return being en vogue , and then I see Dior .. I mean that should be a sign , right ?! 

   I’m just INLOVE with  all Chanel , as you already shall know , and the Haute Couture Fashion Show was not an exception . As always , everything was dreamy !!

   The question is , WHEN will I be attending Chanel shows ??!!!? 

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InstaRush part 2

Hello again , darlings .

    I have been so impressed with the architecture of all the houses in Rennes, Le Mans , Saint Malo , Dinard  , that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of every spot of vintage architecture .So I decided to share them with you . I hope you all will love them as much as I do ! 

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InstaRush / Good Vibes

    Hello there ! Let’s catch up a little bit , shall we ? Since my last  proper post my schedule has been really hectic but of course , I still managed to capture tiny moments every time I get a chance and afterwards I post them on instagram when I get home .So head there to get updated !

   Anyways , I’ve been in Rennes , France for a month now  and I’ve been going to every place I thought worth visiting .

So I’ve been up online as much as possible , and I gotta say I’m still not other Selena Gomez ‘s style at all . How chic are her outfits for the summer ???!!? 

Posting them so you all can judge her , in a good way , yourself ! 12



Ischia Global Film & Music Fest - Day 8tumblr_n90z45lYAq1r3hbd2o1_500

Selena Gomez bar hopping in BrooklynRomper cutie Selena Gomez lives it up in Ischia  **USA ONLY**

Selena Gomez leaving Hotel Della Regina Isabella in Ischia by boattumblr_n90pc1d7wx1qdwptjo1_400



Hello there …

[En] So I am currently in Rennes , France and I couldn’t be more pleased with this country and the people and the architecture and their “crêperie” ,which is sort of a cafe that feeds you only with different types of pancakes . and me being a big fan of pancakes that’s just like heaven on earth to me . :D  But I am so so so sorry for not being around for so long , first cause I had some probz with the sait , second with so many places to visit …I just couldn’t find time to update the blog … more on the blog from now on I PROMISE !!!!      So i will try and catch up a little bit :) thanks so much for staing with me ….            – kisses                                                             


Summer is here, what should we wear ?

Since it’s summer you definitely have to think about colors .You don’t want to wear black all day , so think about mixing the prints & pastel . We would suggest , from  a minty-green shorts suit to  lilac dress to sporty baby blue sneakers, the sky’s the limit on how pastel-happy you want to get .

1. Menswear-inspired dress/shirt . cause what else would you need on a sunny day to protect your body from sun ray ,whereon you can wear at work with  a jacket on ,and highlight the simplicity of the dress.  

2. Dungarees/overalls  , do all the talking this summer .Going from being the major trend on the runways to being easily one of the most accessible on the street style .

3. Sungasses , to protect your eyes and to impact your wardrobe mood .

4.Backpacks / handbags , major trend this summer .

5.Denim , wear you boyfriend jeans with crop tops and heels/sneakers and be in trend.

6.Crop tops  are more fashionable than ever so think twice about that second cupcake .



Post Cannes impressions

[En] Hello loves , so today I was rewatching all those really cool red carpet photos from The Cannes Film Festival , and let me tell you  me impressions. 

    Starting with Kristen Stewart that looked super gorgeous in her  matching top and trousers. She stepped on the red carpet in high heels , but ,maybe , her shoes were too uncomfortable , so she changed in sneakers . And myself , I loved her most in her sneakers. It showed more of her own style :) .

    Chloe Grace Moretz looked too mature to me , dressed in  half Chanel . She accessorized very cool her summery hat with the Chanel top . Really liked :)

    Since it’s Kendall Jenner first appearance at the Festival , I’m gonna forgive her ,( not that she needs my forgiveness , just kidding ). I didn’t liked her dress, and what was that on her breast , a giant flower or what ?? Still think she could have looked more sophisticated :) :) !

 Next stop ,the beautiful  Blake Lively , which  showed in a dark crimson color ‪#‎Gucci‬ gown , that highlighted her light skin. She choosed to wear a long braided hair (as always ) , but we definitely love her for this .

    Making her debut at The Cannes this year , the Loreal brand ambassador Zoe Saldana shines in a stunning creme/white long gown. With light makeup and wavy hair she kept in view the big , handmade thing ( as we would think) on her chest. So lovely , isn’t she ?

    These are some of my favourites , what about you ? Any ? Tell me with a comment :)